The Kidney Kid

A quick guide for you to start your local Kidney Kid Campaign!

Have you heard about The Kidney Kid?

This corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative is a comprehensive ‘edutainment’ (education and entertainment) program with a key superhero character, The Kidney Kid, and his friends.

Started in Asia Pacific in 2017, The Kidney Kid educates children and their carers about their kidneys, in an eye-catching and interactive way through multiple media, materials and activities. In 2020, The Kidney Kid’s footprint was expanded to other continents like North America and Latin America, reaching more children. The Kidney Kid is now about to ‘land’ in Europe, Middle East and Africa and with the launch of its very own social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) in 2022 will reach even more children and their families around the world.

Our vision is that The Kidney Kid will become the most famous kidney health awareness program for children and their carers around the world, while raising brand awareness for Fresenius Medical Care.

It’s a win-win
for you and the community!

The Kidney Kid can help raise awareness for good kidney health in your local community, while also supporting you in delivering your business goals and objectives.

Stakeholder engagement

Through The Kidney Kid, you can engage and interact with your customers, healthcare professionals, renal associations and societies, and more!

By inviting them to co-organize the campaign and jointly promote the prevention of chronic kidney disease, The Kidney Kid offers you a great opportunity to build rapport with them.

It’s a win-win
for you and the community!

The Kidney Kid can help raise awareness for good kidney health in your local community, while also supporting you in delivering your business goals and objectives.

Strong branding

The Kidney Kid is the perfect corporate branding tool. As we are the leading provider of dialysis products and services, The Kidney Kid Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative demonstrates our commitment to contribute to the good cause with our expertise and resources. This will allow us to meet and even exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and general public.

It’s a win-win
for you and the community!

The Kidney Kid can help raise awareness for good kidney health in your local community, while also supporting you in delivering your business goals and objectives.

Employee Engagement

The Kidney Kid is a fun, engaging initiative that your employees will enjoy. By being involved in a CSR campaign and contributing to chronic kidney disease prevention, your team can become more engaged and feel proud of their company!



Form a CSR team in your organization to kick-start this fun and meaningful journey!

Share the background, key facts, assets, and materials (all available from the AP Corporate Communications and Branding Team, please get in touch) with the CSR team, to discuss what will work for your community.

What type of activity do you want to organize?


The Kidney Kid initiative offers a wide range of digital assets that you can leverage to promote the cause electronically, such as visuals, graphics, digital advertisements, The Kidney Kid website and game app. Here are some ways you can promote the kidney health initiative to children and their respective carers:

Corporate website

As a first step, you can introduce The Kidney Kid initiative on your local website. Explain the background and the vision of the initiative, and direct visitors to look for more ‘edutainment’ resources at as well as the game app (please note: the game app is currently only available in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish at the Apple App and Google Play stores, but if you plan to promote it in your country, we can work with you on translation and adaptation for your market).

The Kidney Kid website and game app in your language

We can work together with you on adding your language to The Kidney Kid website and game app. Please contact the AP Corporate Communications and Branding Team for details.

Bring The Kidney Kid alive

Fit out your team/employees with some fun Kidney Kid T-shirts, capes and more and bring The Kidney Kid alive at your local events.

Promoting through your colleagues

Introduce The Kidney Kid through your internal communications channels. Encourage your colleagues and employees to use The Kidney Kid stickers via our MS Teams App, as well as use The Kidney Kid MS Teams backgrounds in video calls.

There is a whole array of digital stickers which also can be used in instant messaging apps to spread the kidney health messages to friends and family.

Digital campaign ideas

Through digital platforms and channels, there are a lot of campaigns you can organize:

Competition for kids, e.g. drawing competition
Call for action to parents to download the free Kidney Kid materials on the website to engage and edutain their children at home
Live broadcast sessions where your experienced & trained clinical/ medical staff can become hosts to teach parents and children about kidney health in the most entertaining way

Social media

If you have your own local social media channels, use the digital assets of The Kidney Kid to create posts and spread the message.

You can also work with a digital agency to implement a full digital marketing campaign, with advertisement placements in Google, social media channels and children/parenting websites.


Identify parenting influencers in your community (usually this is done with the help of a local specialized digital agency). As The Kidney Kid could be highly relevant for their followers, they might be willing to share Kidney Kid content on their channels with their audiences.


You can organize an activity to directly teach children about kidney health. Watching how the messages are received by the kids and how much fun and excitement they have while interacting with The Kidney Kid, you and your team will have the most rewarding experience!

A popular activation of The Kidney Kid could be a half-day event at a school, childcare center, youth education facility or even a highly-frequented shopping mall, where parents go with their children. Follow the steps below to make it happen:

Adapt the materials

There are comprehensive assets developed for you to organize your local The Kidney Kid event (like activity booklets, comics, outfit items like masks or capes and much more). For translation and further local adaptation we have all high-resolution open file materials ready for you, just get in touch with us.

Contact facilities

Reach out to schools, playgroups, youth education centers or even shopping malls (where parents would go with their children) and introduce the initiative and offer a fun, educational half-day activity for the children. As part of our comprehensive materials there is also an intro leaflet, as well as an intro letter, which you can utilize while making contact with your local facilities. If you have samples of The Kidney Kid materials, it will help the facilities to understand our initiative.

Call for volunteers

Once the activity is confirmed, engage your employees as volunteers. Explain the initiative, give them a detailed briefing of what you want to do and to achieve as part of the event and of what their roles are in interacting with the children. They will proudly wear their Kidney Kid T-shirts while spreading the word about good kidney health!

Partner with your local renal organizations

You may also work with your local renal organizations to promote the cause. Reach out to them early to explore collaboration opportunities and invite their representative to be the ‘speaker’ at the event. This will not only bring in their expertise, but also help to strengthen your relationship with them. Initiative introduction letters and further templates are already available, making it even easier for you to communicate with your local renal societies about the partnership and collaboration.

Organizing the activity

Ensure you have all the materials printed and ready for distribution. Plan ahead and arrange the logistics.

Below is a very high level plan on how an activity can look like. Please get in touch with us for a more detailed run-down template.

Start the day by introducing yourself and the program
Show The Kidney Kid Intro & Adventures Video
Distribute the materials (superhero masks, capes, name tags, t-shirts, colouring pencils, The Kidney Kid activity booklet and mobile devices/ tablets with The Kidney Kid Game App on it) and motivate the kids to engage with them
Teach the children about good kidney health with The Kidney Kid awareness presentation
Help the children fill out The Kidney Kid Activity Booklet
Do some light physical exercise with the children
Challenge the children with The Kidney Kid quiz
Invite everyone to take pictures with The Kidney Kid backdrop and the mascot

Make sure you have obtained the necessary approval to execute the campaign in the desired location. When photographing or filming people, you should ask them to sign a consent form. There is a standard template for The Kidney Kid activities, and you can check with your legal counsel to make sure it complies with the local laws and regulations for use.

After your successful event, share your achievements internally and externally. You can find more resources to support your communication in the campaign toolkit.

In fact, you can also do both!

Organize the face-to-face activities while leveraging the digital assets, or promoting the CSR efforts externally through digital channels… You can be creative and invent more ways to engage the children!

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“In Asia Pacific, many of our countries have achieved great success through launching The Kidney Kid with our local healthcare professionals and renal organizations. By joining hands to work towards the common goal – CKD prevention, we strengthen our partnership with the renal community.”

Harry De Wit, President and CEO
Fresenius Medical Care Asia Pacific

“Social impact is so important to Fresenius Medical Care. Being able to use the intelligent men and women that work for our company, who know so much about nephrology and kidneys, and bringing that education and knowledge to the kids – it is a great connection.”

Jessie Newman, Senior Director
Sustainability & Community
Fresenius Medical Care North America

“When it comes to public health, prevention is more important than treatment for chronic diseases. Fresenius Medical Care leverages The Kidney Kid to promote awareness and prevention of kidney disease, which is pioneering in Taiwan. I have witnessed first-hand this remarkable achievement.”

Dr. Chin-Cheng Hsu, M.D., DR.P.H
National Health Research Institute, Taiwan

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